The Drunk Projectionist is a podcast that's buzzed about movies. We feature interviews with directors, actors and cinematographers to reveal what makes brilliant movies timeless. From 70s classics to silents to today, The Drunk Projectionist podcast goes deep to understand what's on the screen, how it got there and why it works or doesn't.

Hosted by Todd Melby, reporter, editor and co-creator of "We Don't Talk Like That: Fargo and the Midwest Psyche," a radio documentary about the 1996 Coen Brothers movie. He's also a senior producer at 2 below zero and creator of Black Gold Boom, a radio, television and interactive series about North Dakota's oil boom.

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Our Ethos

At The Drunk Projectionist we believe in film—not digital reproductions of film—and watching movies in public places with other people. At the dawn of the digital age, we settled in to watch a Russian film at a regional film festival. When the movie began, pixelated words appeared on the screen and we lost it, yelling "What the f---?" and left in a huff. During short trips, we often tuck into movie houses screening great, or just odd, films.

We love places like the New Beverly in Los Angeles, Siskel Film Center in Chicago, Trylon in Minneapolis, Metrograph in New York and the KiMo in Albuquerque.



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